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Service levels

Professional Security Service Levels:

Duke City Security LLC offers three different levels of protection based on the licensing structure of the
Private Investigations Bureau, overseen by the State of New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department.
Level One Officers - Observe and Report
Our level one officers are the industry standard. They are your eyes and ears, when you can't be there. They carry no gear; words are their tools. They are trained in conflict management and de-escalation techniques, so you can be assured that interactions with the public are handled professionally, ameliorating the potential for negative public image.
Written communication is an important element of our officers' skillset. A daily log is kept by each guard, to be provided to you at the end of each shift. Incident reports are created for every interaction requiring a use of force or contact with authority, and submitted to you upon completion.
Level Two Officers - Trained to Protect
Level two officers are trained to excel in environments that have the potential to turn volatile without warning. They receive more advanced training than level one officers and possess an array of tools to protect themselves and their clients against acts of aggression. They apply their knowledge of the Use of Force Continuum to skillfully deploy defensive impact tools, chemical agents, or restraint and control devices as each situation requires.
Level two officers are your agents, acting on your behalf to enforce rules and regulations and to defend your property against potential transgressions.
Level Three Officers - Armed Threat Deterence
Level three officers are the elite, reserved for applications where the potential for violence against you or your property is a genuine concern. Our level three officers must prove their capability with a firearm by passing a standardized course of fire before ever being permitted to carry one on duty. They are subjected to a psychological screening performed by a state licensed examiner in order to ensure that the mind operating the firearm is sound and stable.
Our level three officers are offered a higher degree of firearm training than the industry standard, and are given the opportunity to earn their Concealed Carry Permit. This allows us to offer armed, plain-clothed officers, to blend into an environment where the visual of a firearm is not desired.
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What We Provide

Our offering is not limited to standing guards. It is, in fact, customizable and far reaching,
ensuring that we have the capability to meet any needs that may arise.